Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Creative Inspiration

So I got this one done really quickly this week! It's amazing what you can achieve sitting in the car waiting for children! I often visit Judy West's blog as she has some really stunning tangles/doodles that she uses. I was busy following her "distructions" for the latest challenge when I read the The Diva's challenge for this week! The two just worked together like they were planned.

Before tangles...

...after tangles! (The snake skin one is one of Judy's tangles but I can't remember the name, and the other one is one I made up yesterday!)

We spent the entire weekend at the beach as the weather was so divine. I, of course, had my book and camera handy, so played too!

Youngest gannet (left) with her best friend Therese

Eldest gannet doing what she loves...playing in the sea!

The eldest gannet also made hubby and I very proud yesterday. She was awarded the Best Performance by a Junior for her high jump at the interclass athletics competition held last week!

I'm going to try compelte another tangle before the weeks up, watch this space...!



  1. I love your design Penny. The name of the pattern is Teardrops. The background paper is really lovely and I like the pattern you made up.

  2. Beautiful job, I do think your background paper is perfect. Lovely ZIA!

  3. Penny, I looked and looked and can't fing your email...you wanted a link to my inspiration picture for Draw, Doodle and Decorate. Please contact me at elg921@yahoo.com and I'll get the link to you.

    You live in a beautiful part of the world!!