Saturday, June 1, 2013


The Mother of all storms is hitting The Mother City - aka Cape Town - this weekend! It started raining last night (Friday) and hasn't stopped yet, and the wind has now come out to play as well. (As I type this, it's 4:15 on Saturday afternoon)

Check out Windguru's prediction...especially the waves for Monday....that's higher than our house!!

 I found this stunning scarf pattern while perusing Pinterest two weeks ago, and decided I HAD to try it out! Besides the fact that the pattern and blurb about it is written with tongue in cheek and lots of humour, it's really easy. I did mine with DK wool as it's the wool I use the most, and I'm soooo chuffed at how it turned out! I would really like to try a 4ply one, just to see the difference. Have a look at the pattern here for those of you who are looking for something to make using up all those bits of wool. I can highly recommend this pattern - it's fun and easy to pick and put down whenever!
Just in case I didn't like it much, I only cast on 300 time 500!

The woven look that you get. The top half is the knit side, and the bottom half is the purl side.

I was really eager to tangle this last week, but fortunately (from a finance point of view and unfortunately from a crafty point of view), I was asked to temp for a staff member who has gone off to Durban to run the annual Comrades Marathon. I did eventually finish challenge #119 though, and I thought it worked quite well. SO onto challenge #120 and I finished it and in time!.
Challenge #119

Challenge #120
We're having soup, bread and table tennis for supper at a friends house tonight - perfect for a winters day! Stay warm everyone - especially those in the southern hemisphere!



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