Saturday, June 22, 2013


And so, it's the winter school holidays! Hopefully we'll have mostly winter sun and not driving rain for 2 weeks solid like last year.... I've been somewhat slow in getting my challenges posted onto the Diva's page lately, and when I did manage to get the tangle done, I couldn't post it! Ho hum....

We celebrated Youth Day and Father's Day last weekend with a long weekend and spent some good FQT together - Family Quality Time. On Father's Day, Andrew went paddling with the eldest gannet in the morning, then played mashy golf with the youngest gannet in the afternoon and we spent the evening with his dad and family. On Monday, dad nad both gannets went surfing while I went for a run and then had a huge "spoil us" lunch.

The eldest gannet and I watching the youngest tee off!

Although the sun was shining, the winter wind was blowing and I was COLD!

Playing with the camera taking photos of my shadow.

 I've been quite bust knitting lately as well, I found this AWESOME scarf pattern this blog
 and have now made two! The pattern calls for 4ply wool, but since I only have DK, I's really easy and very addictive! I have subsequently bought myself 11 balls of 4ply and am knitting the Ridiculously Epic version!

The 2nd scarf....450 stitches=about 4ft long!
A close-up of the weave in the pattern!

The Winter Solstice has been and gone ans we are now on our way towards summer! I loved this picture and am going to have to copy it...

 Till next week


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