Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thinking of you

What a week! 

We had so much rain over the weekend, Monday and Tuesday that our pool almost overflowed! The funniest thing, however, was Kalk Bay Main road....we've had roadworks on this stretch of road for over 3 years - they've been replacing ALL the pipes under the road. The problem is that it's one of 3 roads in and out of our little part of the peninsula and bears a lot of traffic. So, while they were replacing all the pipes, we are all wondering whether they duffed up the drainage somehow at the same time, because yesterday this was the main road...!
To the right of the picture is the railway line and then the beach!

My hubby and my brother would have LOVED doing this!

Have a look at the skimmer box!

I fell in love with Margaret Bremner's - aka The Enthusiastic Artist's -  ZIA take on Schway, that I had to "tangle-lift" it. Thanks for the inspiration!

I tried getting one direction black/white/tangled and the other coloured and got it right most of the time!

On Sunday, my hubby's mom had a mild heart attack and was hospitalised. She came home today (Wednesday) and is having a triple bypass on Monday! Hubby is away on a business trip till Friday, so he's a little stressed. The Diva's Challenge this week came at a good time, or should I say the topic for the challenge. With Andrew's mom recovering in hospital, floods and our beloved Madiba in a critical condition in hospital, my tangle is for all of you going through something beyond your control.

Challenge #124: Dugwud, Buttercup, sort of Huggins, Shattuck

Keeping everyone in my prayers this week



  1. Thanks for sharing - the pictures are amazing. You sound so positive even though going through enough as well. Very nice and positive, happy tile.

  2. Indeed a lot of positivity is in your zia's. They are beautiful.

  3. I saw this on Flickr first. I LOVE this schway piece. So bold and differenet.

  4. Thoughts and prayers for your MIL. Love the Schway tile, so perfect for the up and downs of life.

  5. The tangled up directions really address this challenge perfectly, I am glad you gave them beauty!

  6. My goodness I hope next week will be better for you. Glorious schway!