Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back to school

And so, back to school for the last term...and spring has finally pushed winter out the door! We've had beautiful weather this whole week, I think I can finally banish the jerseys and boots to the back of the cupboard.

I was so excited to win some of Sandy Steen Bartholomew's tangle card packs from her challenges!! 49 new tangles all beautifully drawn...

My new pack of cards!

...and so I had to draw! I used a scrapbooking window template doubled over, and drew a different tangle in each section...found some new favourites!

Tangles from top L-R: chakra(I reeaally like this one), bingley, circfleur, etcher, itch, fidget, jute, purlbox, leeter, wingding, sporktine, mumsy, skein,quip (like this one too) and tentacle.

I also got some inspiration for some art journaling and found a gorgeous saying which just begged to be drawn!

I added silver sparkle to the icing and the last word

I've had a horrible headcold since we came back from holiday, and it's now gone into my chest :((  I haven't been sleeping to well, and last night I "went to bed" 3 times between 10pm and 1:30am. During my last awake session, I did my entry for The Diva's weekly challenge which was to have fun with borders.

Tangles: a bit of striping, copada mixed with crescent moon, and a straight version of Shattuck

I'm also busy working on a mixed media canvas, which I should finish this weekend! The canvas was a fairy that the youngest gannet didn't want, so I painted it over with yellow of all things and then got stuck as to what next! It's been sitting upstairs for nearly 4 months...and now, it has new life!
Here's a sneak preview...

Happy creating



  1. The cards are GREAT, I'll see if I can buy them here in Holland.
    You did a lot, and that while you're not feeling well, and I love it. Your borders are great.

    1. Yes, I can order those cards in a Dutch internet store. I'm gonna do it ..... NOW. Thanks for showing them.

  2. Lovely pieces of art! You were very busy. Great job!

  3. Borders bordering the borders! Fabulous!