Thursday, September 26, 2013

Knysna Holiday

We were long overdue to visiting Knynsa and my folks, so my darling hubby took us there for a short holiday in the even shorter school holiday...10 whole days...we left straight after school on Friday and came back on the public holiday - Tuesday - as he had to go back to work :(  It was great seeing my mom and dad again, and we did all sorts of things as a family, which is also long overdue!

View from our morning bike ride while the water was still flat

Me and the gannets with the Knysna Heads in the background.

Dad and the gannets playing in the sea

The youngest gannet and I cycled up to the Heads as she hasn't seen it for a while!

Granny and Gramps with the gannets in their garden. Granny has over 100 clivia's in her garden at the moment.

Somewhere between Cape Town and Knysna , my tangle for the Diva's challenge went "missing", so I never got to finish it. We also had limited internet access, so I wasn't overly bothered about posting on my blog - we were on holiday after all!

I did, however, create 3 pattern stacks - one for my new sister-in-law, her daughter and then my nephew. I also got Gabi (daughter) hooked on tangles and doodles!

I also found a wonderful package deal at the local A4 visual diary and this set of sketching pencils! Going to play nicely!

And finally, I'm going to knit my eldest gannet her blanket that she chose the wool for...

The biggest needles I had were 12 mm...the first few rows were like a carpet!
My mom had some 20mm needles! Look how big the balls of wool are in comparison to my hand!!

Happy creating


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  1. My, those are some beautiful photos and it looks like you all had a great time at the seashore. Love the doodle :) Your blogging sister, Connie :)