Sunday, December 8, 2013

Prizegivings and holidays!

Schools out!! Summer holidays have begun and the weather is playing along magnificently. The last week of term was quite hectic with 3 prizegivings in 2 days! Monday night was the Sports Awards, Tuesday morning was the Grade 4-6  Acknowledgement Ceremony and Tuesday night was the Grade 7 Farewell and prizegiving.   I was the photographer for all I've been busy editing pics before posting them on the school's Facebook page! I'm soooo proud of the youngest gannet!! She won 3 certificates at Gr 4-6 Academic Prizegiving: All-round excellence, Excellence in Music and Drama, 2 certificates at the Sport certificate assembly-for enthusiasm in hockey and leadership in netball, and then a whopping 5 awards at the Sports Awards!

Youngest gannet 4th from right at Gr 4-6 awards

3 team certificates and the trophies for Most Improved Player for Athletics and Player of the Season for Cross Country! Not sure whose smile is the biggest!

On Wednesday after the kids had all left, the staff went for our Christmas lunch. I couldn't resist taking photos - as usual...!

I've been frantically busy the last 2 weeks making  Prayer Shawl for a very dear friend at school. She's had a really rough year with health issues, a couple of falls, her son was in a car accident and her daughter's getting married in the holidays. I found the pattern in a fellow crocheter's book. It's a lattice shawl pattern - the lattice is for structure and strength and offers protection. I managed to finish it for the staff's last day, which was Friday!
The wool changes colours as you crochet and it's over 1.5m long! 

I finished the challenge quite quickly this week...I had inspiration of some sort! LOL!
Challenge #147 done using string 081: L-R...keeko, pots-n-pans, tink, boo-kee, twile, cubine

   We also have a new member to our family. It's been nearly 5 years since our other pooch passed on and my hubby didn't want to get another dog. But...he's been looking for about a month now and on Friday I went to fetch him!

Meet Bandit! He's 8 weeks old and a real is an Australian border collie (brown and white not black and white) and dad is a german shepherd/Labrador!
Bandit meeting Jessie!

And then sadly on Thursday evening our beloved Madiba passed away. South Africa and the world are a better place having known him. May he rest in peace xx

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  1. Wow, that's a post with lots of items. Your Boo*Kee tile is beautiful, the open spot in it is very well done.
    Your puppy is great, makes me want a dog again too.....
    And your Madiba was indeed one of the greatest man in our day and age.