Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday countdown...

3 days of school left! Where has the year gone? My eldest gannet has completed her first year of high school and the youngest only has 2 years of primary school to go...oh my hat!

Last weekend we had the  first Nipper Carnival of the new season and Fish Hoek came 2nd by only 7 points! It was so great to see all our kids performing so well. We are going to whip the other clubs at Champs in this space! 

The eldest gannet(in the middle) and friends who were all safety officers at the competition...cheering on the nippers.
Youngest gannet and U11 friends/team mates
She came 5th in the flags event!

Yesterday, we had an interschool athletics competition with 3 schools and the youngest gannet did really well! She came 3rd in the 1200m, 2nd in the Long jump and her team won the 4x100 relay. Monday we have Sports Awards (and we have an invitiation so she's winning something, and on Tuesday is the Academic Prizegiving and we have an invite to that too!  This afternoon, the eldest gannet takes part in her first Junior/Senior Lifesaving competition as she is now a qualified Lifeguard.

With an awesome jump of 3,27m!

 I've been quite busy crocheting a Prayer shawl for a very good friend of's growing nicely and almost finished. 
On the tangle side of things...I started #145 but never finished it in time (just for a change!) Challenge #146 was with 2 tangles that I don't like much. I persevered, however, and produced a fairly decent tile...well I think so! (I'll post the finished #145 when it's finished - LOL)
Challenge #146

Have a good weekend everyone