Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer continues...

I cannot believe the weather we're having at the's like the middle of summer! It's been wonderful this week, particularly, as Andrew's been on leave. We each had to say what we would really like to do, and then each day of the week, we did something different! The youngest gannet wanted to go fishing, so we went to the harbour and fished...and she caught one! The oldest gannet wanted to spend the day on the beach building sandcastles and playing beach games. Needless to say, the "Turtle Team" won the building competition...we asked some other beach walkers to judge the building on their way past!

Beach day fun

Andrew has always wanted  to cycle in Cape Point Reserve, so yesterday, that's what we did! It was a magnificent day with no wind...we cycled on one of the circular routes before heading to the Point for lunch, and then set off again. Definitely something we'll do again. For my outing, we're going to go the new park they've built next to the Cape Town has lots of walkways, play areas and amazing indigenous plants.

Cape Point Nature Reserve

My "playspace", aka Penny's Room, is now finished...fixed and painted ...all that needs doing is everything unpacking, putting back and sorted out - should keep me busy for a while! 

The Diva this week, had another guest challenger - Christina Vandervlist or stART - and she had us tangling our initials. I really like this idea as I've always loved playing around with letters and writing. I'm a self-taught calligrapher, who never quite sticks to the rules!!

NExt week, I'll show you my new painting, which will be finished on monday night...and hopefully I can also show you my brighter, whiter playspace!

Have a creative week,



  1. Welcome to the Challenges! Great submission, too!

  2. Love your initial design for this week's challenge.