Monday, July 4, 2011

Creative Inspiration stikes!

Afternoon everyone from a verrrrrrrrry cold and windy Cape Town..but it least it's stopped raining. It's been exactly a week since the last post, so I think I'm finally getting it right hee hee...

My eldest gannet turns 12 tomorrow! She's invited 5 best friends for a craft get-together...which is probably best as it's winter here and miserable outside. So we're going to make mosaiced mirrors  All the prepartion has been done - I've cut the tiles into smaller pieces, prepared the boards and stuck the mirrors on, now it just has to dry. Tomorrow, the girls can create away and I'll hopefully get them to do the grouting too, before they go home! Who needs "Party Packs" anymore??!!

The prepared boards...drying.

Once again, I was late with my tangle for the Weekly Challenge...but here it is anyway:

Challenge #28 

The Creative Adventure starts.... I've been struck by creative inspiration...a carpenter girl-friend showed me some unwanted kitchen cupboard doors (see the photo below) ...and all I can see is a triptech of mirrors with mosaic boarders...the centre one being a whole mirror so you can actually see yourself in it, and the outer two shattered mirror pieces... Watch this space for the progress photos...! 

I learnt how to make tiles at pottery last week...and here they are! Using the most expensive equiment I could find...(you will note it's just a porcupine quill!), I'm now going to tangle the whole thing. When done, it'll be stained with dark blue which will only stick in the grooves when fired. The plan is to put it up on our braai-room wall..

See the beginnings of "pepper" in the bottom third...

I am also going to start a new painting at art class tonight...! Who said mom's have lots of time on their hands??

Phew! That's me for now...I'm off to tangle a bit, then washing, supper etc. Hope you all have a fantastic week


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