Sunday, July 10, 2011

Indian Summer

Oh wow! We have had THE most amazing weather this week! Beautiful, warm, balmy days...we've walked in the mountains, paddled in the sea and generally enjoyed the sunshine. I know it's going to change soon, because we always get snow on the nearby mountains in August and winter comes back, usually with a vengence.

Our walk in the mountains on saturday afternoon...5 mins from our house!

So, news..... my oldest gannet is now officially 12 and we had a very creative day, everyone made beautiful mosaic mirrors and then to top it all, they all jumped in the the middle of winter...when it's cold!!

I managed to complete Challenge #29 on time this week and now have plans for another big curly wurly zentangle page. However...... I have discovered a marvellous blog for all the artists out there... It's really great for people who love to paint places and scenes but can't afford the airfares to go there...check it out!

  That's me for this week, have a lovely week everyone

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