Saturday, June 2, 2012

Comrades Time

My girls have done me so proud! They both got Honours for all their Eisteddfod Dances these last 2 weeks (80-90%)! Now we get to rest a little bit for the rest of term, phew!

My "Commission" is finished! A very good friend of mine asked me to do a painting for her sister's 50th nxt weekend. The sister loves lighthouses, so I found a photo of Cape Hangklip lighthouse - just ask Google, he knows everything!- and got to work. I'm really chuffed with how it turned out, and might just try another one!

Lighthouse 1: photo on the left

Lighthouse 2: taking shape
Lighthouse 3: more shading and the keepers house
Lighthouse 4: finished!

My next UFO (Unfinished Object) is a jersey I started crocheting last winter! I didn't rush it, brcasue I had to lengthen the pattern all over -they just make things for tall people anymore-and finished sewing on the buttons this morning. Rather pleased with the end result.
Interesting trying to take a photo of yourself in the mirror!

Challenge #72 from The Diva was a monotangle of Crescent Moon. I've used it before but always in the same way. Enthusiastic Artist had some brilliant ideas of "changing" crescent moon but still keeping within the concept of the design! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm not overly pleased with my effort this week, it's one of those tiles I just don't like!

Challenge #72: Cresecent Moon monotangle. Not sure whether I should have added bits to the larger one on the left...

The last thing today is the reason for the title this week....on Sunday, the Comrades Marathon takes place. The Comrades Marathon is one of the world's top ultra marathons of 90km, run between Durban and Pietermaritzberg (Durban is on the East coast and is the capital of Kwazulu Natal)). One year they run to the coast, the next year inland. There are in the region of 20 000 runners with a cut-off of 11 hours! The top runners usually finish in about 5 hours, top 10 getting gold medals, silver to those that finish between 6 and 7½ hours, bronze for the rest. I have a few friends (completely insane, I think!) running tomorrow and would like to wish them a wonderful weather and a good finish!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, happy crafting


  1. I think your tile turned out great, if you are not happy with the end result, you might try adding some shading to the string to pop out the different shapes and give it some depth. I do like the balance of darks and lights you have here. :)

  2. I felt that way last week with pea-nuckle. I just wasn't crazy about either one of mine. I think you did a nice job with the tile, the simpleness of the design on the left makes the others stand out.
    Love the lighthouse! It's sure to be a hit with your friend's sister.

  3. It makes a beautiful crisp journal page!

  4. Put it away for a while and then pull it out and you might find you like it better after a "rest". I think it is lovely. You really did some nice variations on Crescent Moon.