Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pencil pictures ...

Greetings from a sunny but chilly Cape Town.

Well, Nanna's heart op has been postponed because she's picked up a rash from the surgical soap! A bit nerve racking to say the least. 

One of my favourite blogs to sigh over is Draw Doodle and Decorate. Eden Elle is such a talented lady with her drawing. Her latest post is all about coloured pencils and her journey with them. I spoilt myself about 2 years ago and bought myself some Derwent Inktense pencils with a birthday voucher. I am usually an acrylic painter but the adventure into pencils has been such fun! 
Because the Inktense pencils are also water soluble, I get the base colour down first then wash it with water. Once dry, I start the layers of pencils keeping then dry. 

 Protea: My first drawing with my pencils - but silly fool that I am, (at times) I didn't date it...it was autumn of 2011 though.
Autumn 2011

Sunflower: My favourite drawing! I still can't believe I did this one, which is why I framed it. I finished this in Sept 2011.
September 2011

Water lily: After the success of the sunflower I started the water lily.
November 2011

Hibiscus: I needed a break from the A3 format of the other flowers, because fro some reason I always draw flowers and they're always big! This flower was hanging over the fence as I walked to art and I couldn't resist taking a picture and then drawing it.
March 2012

Daisy: Obviously I couldn't resist drawing big and found this flower on Flickr.
July 2012

Oom Samie se winkel (Uncle Samie's shop): This drawing is being done with Derwent Graphitint pencils, which were a Christmas present from my lovely hubby. They're also water soluble and are much "duller" in comparison to the Inktense. 
Work in progress...!

White-fronted Bee-eater:  This is a mixture of both sets of pencils and is my first non-flower drawing!
February 2013

Unfortunately, my art teacher has put his evening classes on hold for a few months as he's had 2 knee replacements. As a result, I haven't done much drawing lately. The schools are currently on 3 weeks winter holiday and I plan on doing another drawing before school goes back. Tomorrow, I'm off to my favourite shop - Deckle Edge - to spend my birthday vouchers! I'm going to buy some "normal" coloured pencils, as opposed to water soluble ones - and then I'm going to draw!!

Thanks Eden for all the inspiration.



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