Saturday, August 3, 2013

One day at a time...

OK, so this has been a rough week...I've had a minor setback and am taking strain at the moment. I had a Annus Horribulus in 2011 and thought I was well on the road to recovery, but this last week it's all come back... hence "One day at a time"!

I haven't managed to complete too many tasks for my year's challenge, but I have worked on each of them over the last few days! We had a civvies day and creative cake sale at school on Friday in aid of a Cancer charity on of our pupils is with. Everyone brought cakes to school which were then sold to raise funds. If you wanted too, you could decorate your cakes and enter the competition. These were the best ones!
High heel shoe cupcakes
Minion cake

This burger and chips was made by this girl! You can just see the chocolate cake where the "patty" is!

 My brother has come to visit this weekend, and he and my hubby are very good friends - which I love! They both love the outdoors and doing things in or near the water. Today, they went snorkelling!

Tony-the Legend and hubby!

I can't resist and photo opportunity

Challenge #129 by the Diva this week is a string theory - using string 004 from

 Happy creating and have a lovely week everyone



  1. Hope you get better soon Penny!
    Your tile is beautiful, I like the tangles you used.

  2. Wonderful tile with a nice contrast!