Saturday, August 10, 2013

and so it snows!

Happy Women's Day weekend! Here in SA on 9 August, we celebrate the day in 1956 when a few women (20 000, some with their babies and children) marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria, to protest against the pass laws of the country. 

The sun also happens to be shining for the first time on a few days....and our mountains are covered in snow!It's the strangest thing...for the last 4 years, just as everyone thinks winter is finally on its way out, we get THE cold snap over Women's Day weekend and it snows! Lots of Capetonians go on day trips to Ceres - about 2hrs away - to see the snow!
Muizenberg beach and the vlei with snow capped mountains in the distance

Playing with my watercolour paints (just a cheap kiddies set, not "proper watercolours" yet) and created random swirls. When it was done, I almost tore it out and threw it away...I really didn't like it at all! But I persevered...

Watercolour swirls #1...yeuch!
Swirls finished...better!

I wasn't going to do The Diva's challenge this week, but as I looked at the tangle again today, I was inspired! The eldest gannet is busy doing a school project and used black paper as her I haven't done a white tangle yet, I thought today was as good time as any!

Tangles used: cadent, gingham, fife, kaleido and of course henna drum

And since my 365 days challenge has now reached the 4 week mark, I decided I'll post weekly! I can't believe I managed to keep going for 4 weeks aka almost a month!

Happy creating



  1. Lovely, Henna Drum on black. You did very well with the swirls too.

  2. Love your white on black. It sets off Henna Drum beautifully. Your watercolor doodle is lovely as well.