Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let the show begin!

Today at 2pm, is the matinee of our annual school musical...and first show! Yesterday was the dress rehearsal and all went reasonably well, a few seriously quick costumes changes for the von Trapp children from nighties into play clothes was tweaked, but it's all systems go! I'm the backstage manager, and I run a very tight ship...we've been rehearsing all the scene changes for the last 2 weeks - so we're good!

We also had our annual staff vs U13 winter sport matches, which are always good fun. I couldn't play in the hockey game because we had a play rehearsal but I umpired for the netball because it was my teams! My girls did me proud considering we were a few players short...2 of my A team didn't come to practice on Monday so they didn't play(I'm a commitment person!) and then 3 B team players were involved in the play so they couldn't play and C team girls filled in.

My U13B side and the ladies team

My U13A side and the men's team

I've been in a doodling/tangling mood this week and completed not one, not two, but THREE pieces!!

Challenge #135 using new tangle WELL

My doodle...using water colour pencils and 0.3 pen

Tangle patterns string #66

Hopefully next week, spring will reappear! We had a week of spring and then winter returned with a vengence, with temps not going further than 15 and wind and rain. I've had enough now!

Have a great week everyone



  1. Great tiles, my favorite is the white on black one. Beautiful.

  2. All are wonderful! My favorite is the first one!