Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tech rehearsal week!

Exhausted doesn't even come close to how I'm feeling at the moment!

Our annual school play opens on Saturday next week...we are doing Sound of Music and the youngest gannet is Brigitta! Because it's primary school and there are so many children, we have 3 casts... so this week has been all the tech rehearsals with each cast. Yours truly is the backstage manager,  so I've spent the week working out what goes where and when! Next week is dress rehearsals with an opening matinee on Saturday.

The youngest gannet went to her best friends "Photo Shoot" birthday party last weekend. They've been best friends since they were 5 months old at creche together! The older brother was the photographer and his girl friend was the make-up artist. They had such fun!
Make-up on

Her party clothes and accessories

Love this one! My baby is growing up.

 Winter sport comes to an end this week, so I organised some mini netball matches with the coaches vs the U12A and U13s. Firstly for fun and secondly to show the netball girls that we do know what we're talking about when we tell them how to do things!

The team: Tanya U10, Alison U8, Me U13, Estelle U10, Alinda U13, Janine U11, Cindy U9 and Cheri and Robyn from U9 as the cheerleaders. (Our U12 teammate was overseas at the time!)
I'm holding Asisipho back because she run too fast!

Check the stretch!

 I found The Diva's Challenge this week difficult, in the sense that I couldn't get it to change direction. So after attempt# 3, I just did a straight line. I quite like the way it turned out after all!
Tangles: cubine, cockles and mussels, bales with a tangleation, keeko, scallops

 Happy creating