Monday, September 2, 2013

Snow...and Spring Day!

Oh My Hat!
Apologies for not blogging yesterday, but my computer was man down and didn't want to log on to anything!

So, last week was an interesting week....we had 2 cold fronts hit us in succession: the first one on Monday evening and it lasted until Wednesday with 90mm of rain falling on Wednesday! The "Cold" cold front arrived on Thursday with all our surrounding mountains including Table Mountain being covered in snow! We don't get snow in Cape Town, we're not high it was quite amazing to see snow covered mountains all around us!

Snow on the Somerset West Mountains
Table Mountain!

After all the freezing and wet weather, we then had the annual Spring Splash on Sunday! Every year on the 1st Sunday in September, we have a Spring Splash to celebrate the (eventual) arrival of Spring. The day starts off with a sandcastle competition for the little kiddies, then line-dancing on the beach, there is always a Best Dressed competition and then at 3pm everyone rushes into the sea for the first "official" swim of spring. There are no wetsuits allowed at the Spring Splash, made harder this year as the water was a balmy 15 degrees C!! Brrrr...

One of my little Starfish with a friend who helped build this sandcastle.

The youngest gannet joining in the line-dancing.

Winners of the best dressed group: Flappers with Flippers!

Nippers with the mermaid and Goldie...(he dresses up every year!)

King Neptune

And so...on to crafty things...I entered the Pattern Stack challenge with Judy West. I've done these before and had great fun with them. I wasn't sure however, what to do for the inside....until the Diva's challenge #133 came along. Tipple is so such a great tangle to use as a filler, so I tippled!

I'll post the weekly update fro my 365 creations later this afternoon.

Happy Creating


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