Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weatherery weekend!

What a weekend!!
We had 84mm of rain from midday Friday until 10ish am on Saturday morning!! We usually get the South easter blowing in the summer (and boy can it blow!) and the north wester in winter with all the rain. This weekend was a Black South Easter as we had the wind and the rain in torrents. Lots of places flooded in and around Cape Town...

Chapman's Peak Drive (Our very famous mountain road) with major mudslides and the rain washing away the road in places

Main Road shops all with sand bags in the doorways as the water just wouldn't drain away fast enough!
Saturday afternoon, the surfers were out in full force at Fish Hoek beach...look at those waves! Fish Hoek NEVER has waves like this!

Saturday was also quite a milestone for the eldest gannet...she had her first duty day as a qualified lifeguard!
Caitlin on the left and best friend Nosipho in the same squad!

Creatively, I've had a major bout of inspiration!

Step 1...drawing around the sticker

Step 2...echoing the border
Step 3...more ink

Step 4...more ink and more border
Step 5...colour to match the sticker

The final product with filled in backgrounds and little bities of colour!

Then I needed to paint something with my watercolours....


I reeeaaalllyy wanted to take part in the Diva's challenge last week, but, alas, I never made it in time. I did however, finish my intended entry yesterday!

And last but by no means least, a crocheted owl beanie for a 3 year old! Too cute!

Happy creating


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