Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time warp!

It's been too long, I know! Every time I thought it was time to catch up on the blog, something else came along and blogging ended up at the end of the queue! SO much has happened in the last 2 weeks, that I feel like I'm in a different time zone....or as a very good friend of mine once said: I feel like I'm in the washing machine on the spin cycle and instead of opening the door when the cycle is finished, they just turn the machine on again!!

My youngest gannet is now 11 - and we had her birthday party last weekend, she did her Nipper exam for her upgrade and swum in 2 gala's...and competed in Sports Day at school! Sports Day was awesome - she did sooooo well: 2nd in the 100m, 2nd in the Long Jump and her relay team came 1st in the 4X100m and she came first in the 1200m!
Long jump champ
Sprint placing

Last lap of 1200m

Cheering for the tug-of-war

  Super chuffed little person with her 2 gold ribbons and 2 silver ribbons!

For her birthday, (which she's been planning since March!!)-we had a Shipwrecked on Treasure Island Party! (My creative make for this day was the cake!) All her friends dressed up brilliantly, we played some cool games and then they spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool! The weather played along brilliantly - hot, no wind -it was an wonderful day.

Walking the plank-blindfolded!

Crossing the crocodile infested swamp as quietly as's bubblewrap!

Hopping on their peg-legs for 1 minute

Arrr me hearties - let's eat cake!
Pin the flag on the Treasure map - blindfolded of course!

Fun in the pool.

As  an early birthday present, hubby bought tickets to the Currie Cup final (our inter provincial rugby competition) which just happened to be between the 2 teams that the family supports...the youngest gannet being the odd one out! She dressed up in her supporters gear and cheered and screamed like a crazy person the whole game...especially when her team won!!

Happy creating



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