Friday, August 10, 2012


We've had such crazy snowed over pretty much the whole of SA this week!! 
Ok, not in Cape Town because we're at sea level, but wow, the rest of the country was a white blanket! The photo below is of one of the lions in the Johannnesburg Zoo...poor thing, it doesn't know what to do in this white stuff! The last time it snowed in Jo'burg was when I was in Grade 9 (1999...long time ago!) We're also in for the storm of the year this weekend here in Cape Town with 65km winds, 80% rain and snow in the higher regions. If we're lucky, it'll snow on Table Mountain! Brrrr - duvet weather.

So, I managed to finish the challenge this week! Luckily I've done this tangle before, but I still battle to get the "hair" going the right way. I used Tangle Patterns string number12 because I was at a loss as to how to draw my string. I adjusted it slightly, but am quite happy with the result!
Challenge #82: Brayd, Lilypads, Huggins, Pokeleaf

This last week at school, we had out Interhouse Netball Tournament (we've had it early because we have 2 weeks of no matches). It's always so interesting to see the players in different teams other than the match teams!
My A and B team players and the social players in their house colours: blue, green, yellow. (I'm the tall one in the back of the photo!)

Well, the wind has picked up, it's now the storm has hit us!

Stay warm, create beautifully


  1. Lovely job, I really enjoy the tangles you chose and the movement of your tile

  2. your brayd looks great. love the photo of the lion in the snow, too :)

  3. Your brayd zentangle is a real zentangle so love to see him.
    Very well done! There ia a variation of black en white in harmony.

  4. A very well balanced and strong tile. Love it.

  5. I love the boldness of your tile. It's beautiful! I think the weather everywhere is crazy this year. The crops in the US are withering in the heat and dryness. We must 'tangle on...' and not think too much about it.

  6. Love the depth that you were able to achieve in the brayd pattern. It really is a wonderful tile....the other patterns enhance its beauty!

  7. Your tile is beautiful, great depth and shading, and I like the tangles you used to go with brayd.

  8. Love your brayd (hairs look great to me!) and pokeleaf is one of my faves also! :)

  9. Super choice of tangles, beautiful brayd!