Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunshine at last!

Oh my gosh...the sun shone today for the first time this week and with NO wind! What an awesome day! 

We had a Winter Sports Festival at the Primary Schoool this morning with netball, rugby and hockey starting at 8:00am, ending at 1:00pm. There were 8 netball schools across 5 age groups, we played 9 minute games with a minute change-over for the next game. It was so well run by our amazing Parents Association and Staff. We will definitely have another one next year!

My awesome U13 netball girls at 8 'clock this morning!

 I loved some of the ideas in the Diva's CHallenge this week, and so I borrowed a few ideas. I didn't like the large assunta when I'd done it, but, I don't let myself redo until the first one's finished. (And then after it was finished, I thought it didn't look quite so bad!)
Challenge #83
The Bright Owl has a Zendala Dare  each Friday which I managed to do this week. I love Zendala's and did quite a few of them last year while I was recuperating. I did lots of Challenges, but needed something bigger to get me through the day. (You can see some of them on my Flickr page) This one got Mooka around the edge because I'd just finished The Diva's tile using Mooka!!
Zendala Dare #18: paradox, florz, bubbles, striping and the squiggles I saw on a Pattern Stack!

 Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. Both of your challenges turned out beautifully.

  2. The use of deep contrast created by the black makes your tile a very interesting piece!

  3. you've had a busy week! both your tiles are fun and creative! i like the contrast in your mooka/assunta tile. and in your zendala - i like that you included mooka there, too and those little flower/swirly things that i don't know what they are called sprouting out around the edges - those are wonderful :)