Saturday, August 25, 2012


We've had a wonderful few days of the most glorious winter sunshine, just so that we know that summer is around the corner. And then of course, just because it's the weekend, it's now raining and windy and cold all over again! This made watching school rugby this morning very interesting as it was freezing and VERY wet! I don't normally watch school rugby (I'm not that nuch of a rugby fan to tell you the truth), but the eldest gannet now has a boyfriend and he plays rugby, so we go and watch. It works quite well actually, because his younger sister and my youngest gannet are very good friends and his parents and us get on really well together! Us two moms both like crafting and creating and the two dads both like sports and anything to do with the sea!

Look at the weather they were playing in!

Tired and very wet boys and coach! (Look at the ground behind them to see how much rain fell!)

Creatively this week, I played with another of The Bright Owl's  Zendala Dares... my temp teaching stint has come to an end and I had time to myself to draw. So, in the absence of the Diva's challenge this week (she deserves a break every now and then) I tangled! I used 6 tangles I've never used before on this one and they all turned out beautifully! I'm busy with an A3 Zendala now that is almost finished, I'll post next week. In the meantime, on with Zendala Dare #20!

Zendala Dare #19: Clockwise from the top-huggins, flutter tile, Nzeppel, lanie, tink, punch, knyt, sunflower, drupe in the centre and twisted rope around the edge.

See you all next week

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