Thursday, July 25, 2013

Food fun

It's been a busy 2 days....netball matches yesterday for the youngest gannet and the hockey matches today and netball match for the eldest gannet! My rule this year - whoever plays at home gets watched!

DAY 11: 24 July (Wed)
 The youngest gannet received an  invitation to a party yesterday....the invite was all vintage with lace, roses and a stack of teacups!

Teacups 1....

Teacups with patterns
Teacups coloured!

 DAY 12: 25 July(Thurs)
 Since the title of my blog is "Creative Adventures", I decided that culinary creations counted! A friend shared a recipe on Facebook for Cheat Pizzas which I had to try...

The gannets enjoying supper!
The "pizza's"

I even made an extra one to take to work tomorrow for lunch! These were soooo yummy! (I put ham and mushrooms on the gannets ones.)

Happy creating



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