Friday, September 9, 2011

Bokkie Day!

And so it begins...Go Bokke Go! 

Having finally got over Soccer World Cup fever, we are entering Rugby World Cup Mayhem...every Friday is Bokkie Day here at home - even the gannets are going to school dressed in green and gold! So instead of rugby and braais, we have rugby and breakfast for the next few months ...or so! 
Me in my hubbies Bokke Jersey, because it's too small for him!

 Challenge #38 was a real challenge - no pun intended... - I've NEVER done Paradox before! I did, as was suggested by the Diva, go to the Enthusiastic Artist's Tutuorial, and tangle! Thank you Margaret for helping me out!

Challenge #38
I've found this African rural picture and was hit by a need to tangle, I water-coloured it first and then tangled on top!
African Tangle

Tangles used (that I know of...): zander, facets, keeko, printemps, florz, shattuck, lilypads
Tomorrow is crunch day for the eldest gannet and her netball team...we have the district finals (4 districts: NSEW), and they won the South district...7 teams and a round robin to determine the top U12 netball team in the Western pressure !

Happy creating



  1. love your tangle - the bottom left version is amazing and I can't quite visualize how you did it. That's the beauty of this pattern I think. Like your village tangle too - very cool idea.

    I also like reading about your life in So Africa. Having never been there or known anyone from there, it's like a new world. So interesting!

  2. "Pair of Ducks" was lovely and the African village was spectacular! Very clever of you to enhance this picture!

  3. Penny- thanks for sharing the how-to on your paradox. It's much appreciated and I'm going to give it a try! Can't wait to see your next efforts!

  4. really great tangle for first time using paradox - love the way you divided the tile into the 4 sections every nice effect

  5. Thanks for your visit and nice comments - by the way, why do you call your kids gannets? Isn't that a bird of some kind? Is it a term of endearment there , like calling our kids 'chickadee'? Just curious.