Thursday, September 15, 2011

...and a big HELLO to everyone!

So we're supposed to be experiencing Spring at the moment...I think the great weather person out there has decided to punish us for the Indian Summer we had in the middle of cold and rainy...still!

The Diva's challenge this week was LOVE in remembrance of the 11 Sept tragedy that hit New York 10 years ago, and a very fitting challenge it is. Thoughts to all my new friends in USA on this sad day.

Weather aside, onto creative things....I Mooka'd a heart about 2 months ago in my Moleskin sketchbook and then got stuck...but challenge #39 has now evolved from said heart.

Challenge #39: All you need is love

I've also played around with paradox...having done it for the first time in the previous challenge...I was determined to get my head around the curves of the pattern! (Thanks again to the Enthusiastic artist for her wonderful tutorial!)

School sport has come to an end for the term - finally - so afternoons are a bit more relaxed for now! Excpet Nippers has started we spend every sunday at the beach (I can think of worse things sometmes :))  I've taken a photo from the mountain of Fish Hoek Beach for my new friends, so they can perhaps understand why we spend so much time there...the Life Saving club is the large grey building...where we spend most of summer!
Fish Hoek beach on the False Bay coast on a windless day!

Especially for brother started the whole "gannet" thing...he was staying with us for the weekend with his son, and the 3 kids spoke and ate non-stop, the whole they were called gannets, because gannets are very noisy birds that eat all day!!

Keep creating


  1. I LOVE your Love, Mooka looks perfect in your heart. The touch of color is great. Paradox frame is fabu! Your images are wonderful, I want that view.

  2. Both of your tangles are great. You've mastered Paradox, for sure. Happy Springtime to you!! And, wow, your beach is very beautiful. It certainly is easy to see why you spend a lot of time there.

  3. Your Mooka works so well!
    Sensational Paradox!
    Oh, what a beautiful beach!

  4. I love the mooka heart, and the tangles you chose to go with it are perfect. Nice work!