Friday, September 30, 2011

What a week!

Hello again! 

The cars are sorted, thanks goodness! But on Tuesday morning, we had a Shark attack at the beach. The guy is alive, thanks to the Shark Spotters who stemmed the blood loss, he has however lost his right leg. The saddest part is that the Shark alarm had gone off twice that morning already, and he was told that the beach was closed and yet he still went for his swim!! Yesterday (Thursday) the beach was closed the whole daty because a shark was just "chilling" in the bay the whole day! I went up the mountain to where the Shark Spotters sit and for the first time, saw a shark swimiing around the bay. (There are videos on YouTube for anyone who wants to see). Nippers starts next weekend...I think we'll be doing a lot of beach work this season!

Both my girls took part in the Evening of Choir at the Primary School on Tuesday, and as you can see, I was busy during the parts they didn't sing!

On Wednesday I went to pottery and my tiles were finished!! The blue ones were painted with underglaze first, and I then scratched out the tangles with a porcupine quill...the white ones were drawn with an underglaze pencil. Not sure where I'm going to put them yet, but I love they way they turned out! tile project....we had to make tiles! Obviously I was going to zentangle mine! So we wedged the clay, rolled and cut out our tiles (mine are 10cm X 10cm), I then drew the string and started tangling. Once I'd finished, they were bisqued and then I coloured them....

 ...and taadaa....drum roll please....My tangled tiles!

A close up of the section with Pepper, cadent and one whose name I can't remember!

Challenge #41 from the Diva had us using only two tangles. I must admit that I enjoy these challenges because it gets me using tangles I don't normally use and it definitely out of my comfort zone! I enjoyed the Opus ones and got some great ideas from the Enthusiastic Artist on her blog.

Challenge #41
And then last, but definitely not least...I finished my pencilled Sunflower! I used watercolour pencil for the background colouring and then layer upon layer of pencil on top! This one is going to be framed!!

My pencil Sunflower!

And that brings an end to my week!! Phew!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. You have been a very busy artist! I love your tiles, its cool to see the difference in the black on white, and the white on dark tangles. Your ensemble is wonderful too and reminds me of delft china. Your Sunflower pencil/watercolor piece is excellent, it deserves to be framed and appreciated on a daily basis. It's really beautiful.

  2. Wow Penny - that sunflower deserves to be framed - it sure doesn't look like pencil! I commented on your art tiles somewhere else (flickr maybe) but really like the idea and hope you share how they end up. I like your duo challenge for this week - it was one of my favorite challenges so far though mine didn't turn out as I envisioned them. But that's not unusual, right?!

  3. Wow...Penny, you are definitely an artist! I love your tiles! Your challenge tile is fab too...I love the way that your Jonqal winds through the Opus...reminds me of a path through the forest! Your sunflower? ...just WOW! I know I would frame's absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone, I'm really enjoying connecting with so many other arty people! It's been such fun doing the pottery and then working out how to tangle it. I think I'm going to create a Zentangle wall on our patio with all the tiles when I'm finished - but we have to finish off the patio too first!

  5. Wow, you have been busy! I absolutely love the sunflower and tiles are amazing. Oh, and your challenge? Fantastic. You are quite an artist.

  6. What a busy, creative lady you are!! I love your tangled tiles... and your challenge tile. But your sunflower wins the prize!! At first glance, I thought it was a photo. Fabulous, beautiful work. Love it.