Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Whale of a time!

Spring is in the air and the whales are here!!

It's one of my favourite times of the year... we get the Southern Right whales all around our coastline, but particularly on the Indian Ocean side, calving. It's the most magnificent thing to be driving along or walking on the beach and 100-200m away, are these magestic creatures "frolicking" in the water. I was sitting in a coffee shop on saturday (having coffee, strangely enough...) while my eldest was at surfing watching this whale playing. 

A Southern Right Whale "Sailing"

The Diva's challenge this week was to make a Pinwheel for Peace...and today just happens to be the International Day of Peace. I visited the Pinwheels for Peace site (courtesy of The Diva) and loved all the colourful pinwheels with messages from all the children, so my tangle this week was inspired by these children's creations.

My gannet's school uniform is going through a transformation at the moment...after 60+ years, it's being updated, with the Primary and High School having the same basics. It looks so smart! Here are both my girls in their new uniform! (For summer, the stockings change to white socks..easy peasy...and the shirt underneath is a "golf shirt" worn out!)
Michaela (youngest gannet) and Caitlin (eldest gannet) in their new uniforms!

Have a wonderfully creative week everyone,


  1. Love your colors. This is a "sun-shiney" pinwheel.
    The girls look quite stylish in their new uniforms.

  2. your tangle is beautiful and I think the color makes it all the more special. But, your girls are BEAUTIFUL (with capital letters). :-) Thanks for sharing your picture.

  3. Your peace pinwheel is joyful! Nice design.

  4. Love your pinwheel, especially like the colours, and the 'stick' is inspired.

  5. Fun pinwheel Penny! Like how your solid pink overlaps the other part, giving it dimension.

  6. Pretty pinwheel and sweet young ladies!