Monday, September 26, 2011

What a weekend...!

Oh. My. Gosh.  I know it's a bit early in the week for me to be blogging but... 

The bad news...on thursday evening my hubby's car died as he got home. Not a problem, I'm not working at the moment, so he borrows mine on friday morning. The SNAFU occurs later as I'm on my way to pick up my girls from school... MY car starts making funny I check with my mechanic friend whether it's a drivable noise or not...his face said everything! So we go from 2 cars to 0 cars in 12 hours and I have a hair appointment and children and a husband to fetch...!
Andrew now has a new car battery (R900 later...ouch) and mine is going in tomorrow for 2 days to have the cambelt changed (double ouch!) 

On the good side, spring has finally arrived here at home, we've had the most glorious weather this weekend! So to celebrate Spring (and because I had no car so couldn't go anywhere), I finished my Spring tangle! It was inspired by Shelly Beauch...I just love her tangles!
Spring...tangles used: florz, fescu, pendrills, squid, jetties, munchin (and some others I don't know the names of!)  

 Chat later


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  1. Cars! I think we all have those weekends no matter where we live, sometimes it's nice to have a good excuse to stay home though! Spring has sprung here in Tasmania too, your ZIA is full of beautiful blooms, great Pendrills, it would make a wonderful card.