Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Spring Day!

Hello again, and Happy Spring Day to all of you in the southern Hemisphere! In Cape Town, however, the weather is just reminding us that it can's very windy, overcast and rather chilly with rain due tomorrow!(PS: it's raining now...we've decided it's the weather supporting Rhino Poaching Awareness month!)

I've had wonderful week tangle clay tiles came back from firing ...and they look stunning! I painted the whole tile with underglaze and then scratched out the tangles with a porcupine quill! I'm now going to do another set with exactly the same patterns, but the dark glaze on the white tile.

The pots are pinch pots...and the first ones I've ever made!

A close up of two of my tiles.
Challenge #37 - "Kiss my Grids" - is one of the quickest challenges I've done...I like the grid tangles and I used one of my favourite tangles with variations.
Challenge #37 using Bales

My hubby is due back from Amsterdam tomorrow morning, after being there a whole week on business, it will nice to have him home again. We've decided that next time he goes to Amsterdam, I'm going with him! Just imagine all those art galleries of famous people I can visit...

The eldest gannet is having surfing lessons on saturdays now is loving it! (See the collage below for proof - hee hee) Nippers has also started with winter training (for those who don't know, Nippers are U10, U12, U14 lifesavers in training), so our weekends are now being spent on the beach...roll on summer...and the sun!

Thanks to all the visitors I've had to my blog...I can't believe I've had 1000 visitors since I started! Thanks for all the wonderful comments you 've  made, I'm enjoying meeting you all! 

Keep crafting


  1. Penny, I love your tiles and pots! Now that's a great way to use a tangle! I can't wait to see the reverse coloration. Your grid tile is great - what an excellent way to show variations of a single pattern! I just posted mine as well and the interpretation is quite different from yours :)

  2. Enjoyed your tangle and your tiles. They are quite spectacular. It is also so interesting to hear about your life on the other side of the globe. While we are steaming in Florida awaiting fall and the end of the hurricane season, you are looking forward to summer. Fascinating.

  3. We'll soon be heading into fall here in Northeastern USA, but a Very Happy Spring to you!!! As a fellow potter, I LOVE your tiles!!!!! And, of course your challenge tangle is lovely, too.

  4. Beautiful blue tiles, they are fabulous. I love the idea of the quill scratching the design. Your grid tile this week is wonderful too.

  5. Penny, the tiles and pots are amazing. I especially liked the tile you did using Florz. I cant wait to see your future endeavors!