Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yay!! School broke up yesterday for our 3 week winter holiday....mid year holidays are great, but we have to have plan A,B,C and D in Cape Town, because we have winter rainfall, so it usually rains rather a lot in the holidays! Luckily for me, both the gannets love crafting and art, so we buy canvases and paint, and make jewellery and visit book shops!

Our indigenous Western Leopard Toad - found this little guy in the bathroom! They come out at night looking for water and warm places and are unfortunately endangered. He's only about 7cm long!

It's been a busy week - with netball matches and parents meetings for the children who haven't done so well this term, so I'm really late with my tile this week! THe Diva's challenge this week was to play with cadent! I enjoy cadent because of the many variations you can invent. Some tanglers have come up with awesome renditions this time! Dianne the Dabbler and someone who I can't remember - aaaaagghh!- did a window of cadent and then smaller cadents inside! It was awesome...and soooo clever!

Challenge #75: Cadents with a little Meer.
Have a wonderful week everyone


  1. Meer and cadent variations that work together i a beautiful tile!

  2. Very nice way to work with Cadent!