Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rain, rain, rain...

OMG! We had sooo much rain today, the pool overflowed! SO while the storm rages outside, I tangled The Diva's latest challenge: HOME.  

I live in the Fish Hoek, Cape Town. I can see both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans from my upstairs room! We have south easter winds and beautiful days in summer and lots of rain and north westers in winter. My special place is at the beach where I can walk and watch the waves. The whales will soon be here again, which makes it even more special.

Cape Point! Hopefully this year, I'll be on one of the press boats during the Cape Point Challenge and take a photo like this myself!

My tile for this challenge has Drupe in the LH corner and Mist in the RH corner-for the wind,the rain and the sun. We spend loads of summer time at the beach and in the water - so I used  C-Scape for the sea, and mountains with indigenous fynbos.
Challenge #76

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