Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wet, wet,wet!

What a wet wintery week we've had!  It has rained the whole week. It did, however, stop long enough for my netball girls to give our opposition a lesson in netball on Wednesday! They were awesome! They played textbook netball, did all the things we've been practising and made me so proud. My U13B won 22-4 and the A side won 14-5!

Caitlin (eldest gannet) as Goal shooter in perfect position during the match!

My brother and nephew are staying for the weekend, and today we went to watch Seb doing his grading at karate. He did really well, and has now progressed to his blue belt!

Seb is the one with the green belt!


This Friday was our turn to host the Inter schools cross you can see, it was a little cold and wet! It rained so much on Thursday that the race course had to be diverted on Friday morning. Thankfully the rain held off until the last age group was running!

Challenge #73 was a UMT (Use My Tangle) called Bridgen by Carole Ohl. As soon as I saw the tangle, I just knew I had to do it in colours! So I dug out my moleskin (which lives in my handbag with one of my micron pens) and my  new set of coloured fineliners, and got to it. I've even started a new one, which is going to be filled with different tangles and a bit of colour!
Challenge #73

Tomorrow, I start my A4 journal with pattern stacks and tangles and all sorts of other bits and pieces! Fun, fun, fun! 

And to end of, a saying am a sugar packet I got in a coffee shop during the week:
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!



  1. Colored crescent moon moving outward from the Bridgen string and ending in beauty!

  2. I love your tangles and the colors.

  3. i like the colors in your tile! i enjoyed the karate pictures, too :)

  4. Great tile with color and cool Bridgen strings!

  5. LOVE the color with the bridgen!! So cool! We're had almost 16 inches of rain in the last 36 hours....rain rain go away!!