Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Tangle!


You can tell it's the school holidays because not only did I get the Diva's challenge done and posted in the first 2 days, I'm now adding another post!! 

I haven't scrapbooked for about 2 years...I started when the eldest gannet was 1 year old - she's turning 13 next week- and taught workshops once a month on a saturday afternoon. I'm afraid I got to the point where I ran out of ideas! I'm a "focus-on-the-photos-scrapper" and can't stand all the embellishments that have taken over that have you spending 2 hours preparing the chipboard letters etc and then only adding one photo (which you can't really find because of all the other stuff on the page!) 
So.....I was really excited when I came across Scrapping the Music....and did my first page in years! I missed the deadline for submissions though, but I might have got my scrap groove back!

"It's a good life" by One Republic

The latest Zentangle Newsletter has an exciting twist to their new tangle! They've shown us the finished tangle, we have to work out the steps and give it a name! All will be revealed next week in another newsletter! When I looked at the tangle, I immediately thought of a Celtic Knot and Paradox - so my interpretation is just that! 
My deconstruction of HOLLIDOXAT with 3 points.
HOLIDOXAT with 5 points

Have a look at all the great names people have come with for the new tangle on the Zentangle Blog!

Play nicely

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