Monday, July 15, 2013

365 Creations

After reading an article in one of our monthly magazines about doing something creative for 365 days, I decided to give it a try! I found an article here which gives a good overview of "the task".

 Assignment: Complete one creative project today. Piece of cake, you say.

Now let’s raise the bar a bit higher: You don’t choose the subject. Instead, you are given a specific assignment, and left to figure out how to creatively express yourself. Um, OK. I guess.

… and higher: Complete 365 creative projects — one every day, for an entire year. Uh-oh. That might take more discipline than I have.

… and higher  still: Post your creations daily on Facebook, and blog the details of your creative process to followers eagerly waiting to see what amazing thing you did today.

The only problem is I have so many things that I like, how am I going to narrow it down to one specific subject for a WHOLE YEAR! And of course finishing something in a day....So I decided to go with my long as I create something everyday, that's ok!

DAY 1: 14 July 2013
One of my favourite blogs is Elvie Studio ....this lady does the most amazing journal work and lettering. So my first Creation is a phrase I heard while my girls were watching KingFu Panda, and I did it Elvie style.

 DAY 2: 15 July 2013
I've become a huge fan of Pinterest and am constantly looking for things to make, create and inspiration for drawings. I found these gorgeous little owls and just HAD to make one! They are so easy and the instructions are amazingly simple to follow. I will be making quite a few more of these.

The front...

...and the back

 That's all folks!


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