Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mandela Day

DAY 5: 18 July 2013
Today, 18 July, on Mandela's 95th birthday, people around the world are celebrating Mandela Day. He specifically requested that it NOT be a holiday, but that people dedicate 67 minutes of their time to helping someone else in return for his 67 years of fighting for human rights. 
Very class at the primary school organised their own 67-project and the entire country sang Happy Birthday at 8:15 this morning. One of our local radio stations (5FM) asked for people to create a little "Madiba Magic" by joining hand. for 67 seconds as a gesture of unity and commitment to making our country a better place.

Happy Birthday Madiba

Grade 6s and Grade Rs in one passage...
...and across the Grade 1 quad...
Unity across the school

 My Day 5 creative task is a plain black and white journal page about today.


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