Saturday, July 6, 2013

Birthday Girl!

My "baby" girl turned 14 on Friday!! Oh my hat...! 

Now that she's not a Nipper anymore, she's training for her Junior Lifeguard Exam. One of the events at competitions for Juniors and Seniors is surfski, so all the trainees or "Nothings" as they're called are training on surfski's.  They're fondly referred to as "Nothings" because they're not Nippers and not yet Lifeguards!

Caitlin (in the pink top) 

Dad and I bought her a paddle and the grandparents paid for the paddle bag.

Great excitement in Fish Hoek last week as 3 massive helicopters descended on our sports fields on preparation for President Obama's visit to the Bishop Tutu Aids centre here in Masiphumlele!! So on Sunday afternoon we went along to the Sports fields to wait the arrival of the entourage! I, of course, had the camera ready - it's not often a visiting statesmen comes to our little suburb with all the bells and whistles!

2:30 in the afternoon behind the police tape
The cavalcade comes down the mountain - 50 cars in total - all for 1 person!!

The cars parking in front of the Soccer Club (with the Squash Club veranda in the background.)

The first of 3 Chinook helicopters that landed on the soccer fields.

I was watching the Marine to see where he went...

The 2nd helicopter had 2 Marines at the door and they as the first person stepped out, I clicked...and President Obama (in the beige trousers) and the First Lady!

Phew! On to creative things...I snuck/sneaked into art class on Wednesday morning while both gannets were busy and got my creative painting urge back.I've combined Celtic Challenge #30 with the Diva's latest UMT Challenge and created a ZIA/Zendoodle. Just to make sure I've got this right....a ZIA is Zentangle Inspired Art and is still black and white. A zendoodle is a ZIA with colour added.

And on that note....happy creating!




  1. Very pretty and a great way to use Birdie Feet.
    Wow, you have seen one of the mightiest people in this world :-)

  2. Very lovely! I love the coloring!